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Jeny Krincheva: #DreamsComeTrue with "FLY" at United Kids Festival 2023 and Sofia Summer Fest!

The stage at United Kids Festival 2023 and Sofia Summer Fest was enveloped in magic, and Jeny Krincheva was at the heart of this musical fairytale. Jeny was a special guest at the event, presenting the song "FLY," which was created specifically for her by Ruslan Kvinta and Andrew Voinikov.

The song "FLY" not only filled the stage with its melodies but also touched the hearts of all in attendance. This remarkable musical project combined virtuosic performances, inspirational lyrics, and an incredible vocal that left an indelible mark on the audience's souls.

Jeny Krincheva stood before the audience with her melodious voice and unique artistic style. Her rendition of "FLY" transported listeners to a world of dreams and freedom, with each note sounding like an invitation to journey beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

Jeny Krincheva is a symbol of musical passion and artistry, as her voice continues to thrill and inspire. This moment on stage is just the beginning of her musical journey.