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Jeny Krincheva Shines Again at ECLECTICA UNION KIDS - Symphony Competition!

Jeny Krincheva is set to dazzle once more at the ECLECTICA UNION KIDS - Symphony Competition, earning a spot in the finals for the second consecutive year! 

The lyrics of her song "Еньовден" (Enyovden) are the creation of the incredible Hristina Dimova, with music and arrangement by the one-of-a-kind Vasil Belezhkov! 

But that's not all! The ten new Bulgarian songs from the competition will be performed with accompaniment from the Sofia Symphony Orchestra and the Sofia Jazz Formation, under the direction of Minko Lambov!

We invite you to join us on September 30, 2023 (Saturday) at 5:00 PM at the Central Military Club! ADMISSION IS FREE! 

Come and enjoy the festivities while supporting new Bulgarian music!  #Music #Symphony #Emotions #JenyKrincheva  #DreamsComeTrue