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Amazing reviews for Jeny's song - Fly


Night roadHi! The soft and unpredictable flow of the music creates a colorful atmosphere, and I like how gentle and cool the instrumental parts sound.

Music Victory This is all absolutely brilliant, I really enjoyed your release and Fly will find its place on the Singer-songwriter playlist, well done ????! I wish you all the success with your fabulous music!

Let's Rock Hi, this is a lovely and melodic ballad, I'm impressed with your vocal abilities. The song sounds like a complete work, it's very cool.

Lora Wey Hey there. I really enjoyed that cool instrumentation, unique vocals, soulful lyrics, so special atmosphere, emotional performance and high quality sound. It feels super atmospheric.

Best Mood with TOP HITS Hi.Thank you so much for the very beautiful music. Wonderful energy of the song. I especially liked the touching vocal performance in the verse.

Natalie Do Hi. A very graceful musical riff sounds soft and pleasant. Your piece has a good quality and bright flow!

Max Panasiuk Hey there! Very soft and filled with the most beautiful features of the music. And the vocals are beautiful, one enjoys them to the fullest.

Space trip- An Indie/Pop/Folk/Hip-hop/Rock Playlist Hello! Quality and rhythmic base, sounds great. The background sounds and vocals sound good and harmonize.

Chillout Pop & Indie Songs Hi) Great work. I like what I hear, the catchy melody and ringing vocals make for a good composition. The sweet and gentle voice was a nice addition to the track, I can hear all the tenderness and love with which you sing.

Mike (Chillout vibe music) Hi. Thank you for sharing your spectacular single. The video is impressive. A stunning, melodically charming pop composition with a beautiful arrangement and pleasant sound design that easily intertwines with the song's lyrical mood and electronic accompaniment. The track features a pleasant, captivating sound. A bright, exquisite guitar melody and a quality drum part make the composition the right fantastic combination. Electronic elements add modernity to the sound. The vocals delight with their grace and charm. The sounds and words caress the ear and create an atmosphere of musical magic. Your heartfelt lyricism and impressive performance style make the story of the song interesting. I was impressed by the manner in which you showcase your, softly infused, pleasant, and graceful vocals. Well, thought-out work, great performance. Thanks to everyone who worked on this track! I loved your track.

 E:music Good pop song with awesome female vocal and interesting electronic arrangements. I like this ethno elements and excellent sound production.

M0sh Boy Hello, Jeny Krincheva! Thank you for sharing. An incredible talent as for such a young artist. The vocal production is at the very highest level. Professionally produced voice, a pleasure to listen to. Quite a catchy motif, mesmerizing from the first seconds. I liked the sound of ethnic motifs in the background, it's a good choice that brought a bit of conceptuality to your track. The production is top quality.

It's Time For Metal Hello there! The melody sticks in the head right from the first notes! The voice timbre fits perfectly here - memorable and smooth! All the parts are catchy - it’s definitely a hit! I love the effects in the background - they add a nice flavor to the song. The structuring is ideal, I wanted to turn it on again right when I finished listening the first time.

Playlists by Dmytro Yaremchuk Thank you for taking me into consideration! I enjoyed the unique timbre of the vocalist’s voice and I think this track has a great commercial potential on pop playlists. Good luck!

Positive vibe music Hi) Thank you for your track. I like the music line, it sounds rich and impressive. The pleasant melody of your track immerses me in a light and relaxed atmosphere. Your gentle voice sounds soft and soulful and perfectly conveys the mood of the track. The music and the vocals harmonize well. It's a good composition. Good luck to you!)

NoMad Music Playlists Hello Jeny! Your voice is amazing and you transmit an amazing vibe, i love the ethnic melodies you came up with in the drop, very original!

Sad Indie&Folk Mood "I like this song, as it offers an introspective, pensive mood. Cozy and light soundscape that adds an intimate and vulnerable touch. I also liked the vocal style - soulful and gentle.

Falling in love with you Hey, hey! Cool song! You have a very nice voice, you sing well!) The instruments sound good, I think you put a lot of effort, the song is professionally done.

Night road Hi! The soft and unpredictable flow of the music creates a colorful atmosphere, and I like how gentle and cool the instrumental parts sound. But in the vocal part I want something rougher, this is my personal opinion, I hope for your understanding. I sincerely thank you for the song and wish you good luck!

hardkoreva Hi there! Thanks for one more song. Really cool bright rhythm with your amazing vocal part. The song has nice wavy sound and catchy instrumental lines. Thanks
Nazz Mal Hi there, Jeny Krincheva! I liked the overall mood of the track, which is created by the vocals. Good intro, the background sounds gave a mysteriousness. I think it's a good arrangement of all the sounds. Wish you inspiration and may the power be with you. best, Nazz.

Deep House Picks 2023???? I loved how different and unique your track sounds + the super cool music video that goes with it.

Oleg Koval | Alt-Rock & Metalcore Hello there, I was touched by the extremely cute vocals and pretty lyrics, it`s a charming dreamy song with a colorful sound and great production. Best regards!

Dance FM Romania Hi there, Jeny! Your voice is excellent, very catchy and soft and your interpretation is excellent! Congrats! Your track is very powerful, great lyrics, btw! I enjoyed listening.

At Full Volume Hello, Nice song, I really like your voice, unusual tone of voice that is pleasant to listen to.Good luck and all the best

Miracle PlaylistHi, I like your voice, it sound strong and emotional, especially in choruses. So unusual and attractive music, all elements sounds harmonious and clean. Good Luck!

Valeriya (Alt, Pop-rock)Hi, thanks for this song! I enjoy the bright and rich instrumental line. The vocal performance is very dreamy and light.

FLOP FLOP I like the sound of the track and your voice, it's quite a hit, it plays more with the voice itself which gently glides on the instrumental. I don't want to say any minuses in the song, because there are none.

Pompey Music Hello, I want to say that this is quite a good and unusual song, I liked your beautiful slightly ringing voice and its interesting manner of delivery, in combination with the smooth instrumental line it sounds harmonious and fascinating, and also it gives the song a special, slightly mysterious atmosphere. Well done for trying and doing something original.

Music for every moodHi. Music for every mood. This is a very touching sounding song that will melt the hearts of the listeners. I love the lightness of your voice and the way it harmonizes with the melody. I sincerely thank you for your work and wish you good luck!

Happy Іndie dream musicHello. I like your very beautiful atmospheric rich musical line, everything sounds very beautiful and harmonious. You have a very beautiful voice, I like your emotional delivery.

INDIE AND POP MUSIC FOR YOUR DAY I like your easy laid back start to the song, which builds up the tempo really cool. Very cool rhythmic quality music. You have amazing strong vocals, I like your emotional delivery, sounds very cool.

MaryCheeryI enjoy the inspiring vibe and lyrics here, and how the song feels with such airy vocals, excellent work on the details and polished production as well. I sincerely wish you all the best !