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Sofia Grand Prix 2023 - Music Above All!

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Sofia Grand Prix, this year's musical event that delighted our hearts and ears with exceptional performances and talent, has once again come with glamour and inspiration. This music festival not only brought together performers and artists from around the world but also showcased our community to the world as a hub of cultural and artistic heritage.

Jeny Krincheva, who is training under Iskra Milkova at HighLight Singing Academy, climbed to the top of this year's awards, winning four nominations and four well-deserved accolades. This success is solid proof of her artistic dedication and extraordinary talent.

Sofia Grand Prix is not just a competition but also a platform for the exchange of cultural ideas and performances that enrich our souls and create unforgettable memories. The international jury from 11 countries unanimously recognized this experimental and multicultural approach as inspiring and innovative.

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