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Jeny Krincheva is a young musician, singer and composer. Jeny was born on December 24, 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She lives in Sofia, Bulgaria, and her biggest dream is to make music sound around the world. Jeny has a divine singing voice and is often compared to the mythical Orpheus who enchanted every living thing with his music.

Her parents noticed her deep connection with music from a very early age. At just 2 years old, she stands in awe of the street musicians, listening to their tunes with rapt attention. She subsequently recreated interpretations of the tunes she heard. At the age of 4, Jenny began attending Saturday music school, which was her first contact with different musical instruments. For her 5th birthday, she receives a guitar and Odette's outfit, deeply captivated by the music and captivating story of Swan Lake. Her first guitar teacher was the young and dedicated musician Shterion Pilidov, who was the first to recognize and support her talent.

At 6 years old, Jeny was too petite to handle the guitar's chords, so her mother and guitar teacher composed her first children's song to ensure she wouldn't lose her connection with music. This first attempt gave her the opportunity to perform on a grand stage, the European competition for new children's songs, "Golden Sparks," in 2016.

From 2016 to 2022, Jeny recorded 24 original children's songs, written by some of the best poets and composers in Bulgaria. For 7 consecutive years, she reached the finals of the European competition for new children's songs, and her songs became favorites among children. Since 2017, she has been involved in a project for new songs for Bulgaria, and these songs have become the most recognizable in the country, sung by all Bulgarian children and Bulgarians worldwide. In 2021, Jeny was invited to participate in a song contest for the anthem of the Historical Park of Bulgaria, which had no age restrictions. The contest was the most grandiose in Bulgaria, and the audience's votes counted equally with the professional jury. Jeny's song "Moya e taya zemya" (This Land is Mine) won the competition and became the anthem of the Historical Park. In the same year, Jeny fulfilled another dream by participating in the television show "Bulgaria's Got Talent," where she reached the finals with incredible interpretations of jazz and international hits. At the final, she had the opportunity to perform one of her original songs, "Mechtata" (The Dream), and became one of the new faces in Bulgaria.

Jeny is dedicated to music, receiving training in singing, piano, ukulele, drums, and music theory. In 2022, a meeting with an Italian producer motivated her to further her skills and complete a course in Music Production for beginners. In the same year, she achieved her first international project - the song "Fly," which marked the beginning of digital distribution of her music.

For two consecutive years, Jeny presented new music alongside a symphony orchestra and a jazz formation, marking some of her most exciting performances, in addition to her first solo concerts and she wins the award for performer of the Symphony Orchestra.

In 2023, Jeny had a personal meeting with famous DJs XiJaro&Pitch, who announced her performances as one of the most recognizable and emotional new voices. This meeting gave her the confidence to work on her own original songs, to become a writer of music and lyrics in addition to her role as a performer. We hope to hear her original songs soon.