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Jeny Krincheva is a young musician, singer and composer. She plays piano, guitar, ukulele and drums. Jeny was born on December 24, 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 2021, Jeny Krincheva made it to the finals of the television show "Bulgaria’s Got Talent". In the same year, Jeny's song " Moya e taya zemya " won first place for new Bulgarian music in fierce competition with some of the hottest Bulgarian pop stars.

Jeny Krincheva has many awards from international competitions. In 2022, she won the Discovery Award at the Talents of Tomorrow competition and the Grand Prix in the performer category at the European Golden Sparks competition. Jeny Krincheva started 2023 with the Grand Prix for jazz performance at Evergreen Fest Sofia.

Since 2016, she has recorded 24 original songs - children's, patriotic, dance, with folk motifs, with which she is a recognizable and beloved young performer in Bulgaria.

The special award she received from the composer and producer Ruslan Kvinta at the International competition "United kids" Sofia, launched Jeny Krincheva's first international project - the song Fly, which is already on digital platforms.