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Press Release

Press Release

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The talented young Bulgarian singer Jeny Krincheva impressed the Ukrainian composer and producer Ruslan Kvinta, who wrote a song for her


After Jeny Krincheva's participation in the United Kids International Competition in Sofia, where she came second out of a total of over 600 participants, the rising star was noticed by Ruslan Kvinta. At the award ceremony, Ruslan Kvinta very emotionally announced that a singer moved him to tears with her performance, and she is from Bulgaria, from Sofia, and her name is Jeny Krincheva, and he would like to write a song especially for her. The song is a fact and it's called Fly. Jeny presented the song Fly for the first time on the stage of the European competition Golden Sparkles 2022 and won the Grand Prix for Artist with it.


The song Fly is written by Andrey Voynikov. The video is also extremely impressive - it was filmed among the beautiful Beloradchi rocks in Bulgaria, which in ancient times were the bottom of the sea, and now are one of the natural wonders of the world.


The song is a message to everyone to be themselves, to look for the wings that will take them to the fulfillment of their dreams and to know that the power is within us, and the song can give us wings and lead us. For Jeny Krincheva, this song fully conveys another battle in which she enters and the song is sung with all her heart, soul and inspiration.


Jeny Krincheva was born on December 24, 2009 in Sofia. She is a young musician, singer and composer. She plays piano, guitar, ukulele and drums. The main musical styles he sings are pop, dance, melodic jazz and indie. She is currently working hard on his musical development and almost every week realizes a new cover of a popular song, while also working on original tracks. Loves animals. One of her passions is horse riding.


Jeny has many awards from national and international competitions and has so far recorded 24 original songs that can be seen on the channels and on youtube, spotify, apple music. In 2021, Jeny became a favorite of the audience and a finalist of the television show "Bulgaria is looking for talent". In the same year, she also received the "Child of the Year" award for achievements in the field of art. Her author's song "My land is mine" won the Contest for a new Bulgarian song for the anthem of the Historical Park of Bulgaria, in which she competed with the stars of Bulgarian pop music.


In 2022, Jeny Krincheva was announced as a "Discovery" at the "Talents of tomorrow" contest and won the Ruth Koleva award for the most promising teen performer. In the current year, Jeny has already won the Grand Prix for Jazz Artist at Evergreen Fest Sofia, awards from the international contest The Sound of Time and Abanico, and her performances are distributed on over 150 digital platforms. Since the beginning of June, the song Fly has been in rotation on Belgian radio stations for new indie music. Jeny also works hard on creating her own music.



A few reviews of the song:


Mike : The video is impressive. A stunning, melodically charming pop composition with a beautiful arrangement and pleasant sound design that easily intertwines with the song's lyrical mood and electronic accompaniment. The track features a pleasant, captivating sound. A bright, exquisite guitar melody and a quality drum part make the composition the right fantastic combination. Electronic elements add modernity to the sound. The vocals delight with their grace and charm. The sounds and words caress the ear and create an atmosphere of musical magic. Your heartfelt lyricism and impressive performance style make the story of the song interesting. I was impressed by the manner in which you showcase your, softly infused, pleasant, and graceful vocals. Well, thought-out work, great performance. Thanks to everyone who worked on this track! I loved your track.


Chillout Pop & Indie Songs Great work. I like what I hear, the catchy melody and ringing vocals make for a good composition. The sweet and gentle voice was a nice addition to the track, I can hear all the tenderness and love with which you sing.


M0sh Boy An incredible talent as for such a young artist. The vocal production is at the very highest level. Professionally produced voice, a pleasure to listen to. Quite a catchy motif, mesmerizing from the first seconds. I liked the sound of ethnic motifs in the background, it's a good choice that brought a bit of conceptuality to your track. The production is top quality