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Press Release

Press Release

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14 year old Jeny Krincheva achieves super success in a global competition for new pop songs

The song "Hopeless" clinches second place in "On the music waves" 2024


14 year old Jeny Krincheva secures second place in the global music competition for new pop songs "On the music waves" 2024. Her new song "Hopeless" was acclaimed by the competition's jury, placing it ahead of the Serbian and Italian representatives. International judges, including songwriters, composers, musicians, performers, and producers from "EMI", "BMG Ricordi", "Airplane! Records”, "Musica e Rivoluzione", "Universal Edition", "Universal Music Publishing", "Warner Classics", "Walt Disney Records", "Cantieri Sonori", "D'altro canto" announced their decision at the end of March.

Apart from being the talented teenager who performs the song, Jeny is also at the core of its creation, alongside beatmaker Robi (Roberto Nikolov). "Songs created by Robi are part of the repertoire of the best Bulgarian artists like 'Molez,' Mila Robert, Dara Ekimova, Nika," Jeni shares. "I am truly happy about the opportunity to create together and to be appreciated at such a high level."

In the creation of the song, Jeni also collaborates with another young and talented artist, Alexander Georgiev-A.L.E.K.S., who graduated in composition from the British Institute of Modern Music in Manchester and is one of the actively performing artists in Bulgaria and England. His participation in the musical format "The Voice of Bulgaria" makes him a total favorite of the teen audience and a mentor to young musicians, and his work with Jeni Krincheva adds an amazing dose of imagination and finesse to "Hopeless."

The "Hopeless" project marks Jeny's first involvement as a songwriter and composer, entrusting the arrangement to industry master Svetoslav Kepchelyuv-Svett. His innovative spirit and attention to every detail in sound are his trademark, and the ease with which he works brings that final sensitivity, elevating the song to second place in "On the music waves" 2024.

In addition to the musical and creative qualities of the song, the jury is impressed by the theme of "Hopeless" chosen by Jeny herself to reflect the feelings raging in her teenage world. The song is a call to discover the beauty and silence within ourselves and suggests that we ourselves must seek and believe in the wonders of life.

The jury specifically notes and appreciates the performance of the song by Jeny Krincheva, describing her as very convincing with a beautiful timbre, and they identify her as one of the hopes of the new generation of global artists.




Jeny Krincheva - Hopeless (Official music video) - YouTube


More about Jeni Krincheva:

Although only 14 years old, Jeny has a series of accomplished projects behind her, refining her voice under the guidance of established vocal coach Iskra Milkova.

From 2016 to 2022, Jeny Krincheva recorded 25 new original songs - children's songs with folk motifs, as well as songs dedicated to Bulgaria, written by some of the best Bulgarian poets and composers: Angelina Zhekova, Viktor Samuilov, Petya Kokudeva, Hristina Dimova, Svetoslav Loboshki, Shterion Pilidov, Krasimir Gyulmezov, Rosen Parlaparov, Zhivko Vasilev.

In 2021, the talented performer reached the final of "Bulgaria's Got Talent" and became one of the most recognizable young artists. That same year, she also performed the song "Moya e taya zemya" (This Land Is Mine) with lyrics by Angelina Zhekova and music by Shterion Pilidov, which won the grand prize for a new Bulgarian song, unanimously voted by the audience and jury, becoming the anthem of the Historical Park.

In 2022, Jeny was noticed by Ukrainian music producer and composer Ruslan Quinta, who described her as the most sensitive new global voice and created the song "Fly" especially for her. This marks Jeni's first international project.


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